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Where have you been hiding Latelita?!

Posted on August 25, 2016 by Bonnie Hill | 0 Comments

Fresh new label Latelita LONDON!

British brand LÁTELITA London fuse Eastern influences with contemporary European design to create unique, intricate & elegant jewellery. Created in 2012, LÁTELITA London has rapidly grown into a widely recognised and established brand, spotted on countless celebrities and gracing the pages of glossy magazines.
Inspired by their heritage and global travels, the truly autobiographical collections incorporate ancient motifs and carefully sourced semi-precious natural stones with exceptional colour and character. Working closely with the finest artisans & gem cutters, the LÁTELITA team, conceptualize, design and handcraft; iconic pieces from within their atelier.
Whether seeking to make a statement, or for effortless style, look no further than LÁTELITA London.
To check out more stunning pieces click here


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Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. -- Charles Eames

An architect by trade, designer, Jenna Dezinski often finds herself curious about so many different aspects of design. Janika explores the possibilities that form, technique, and material can bring to personal ornamentation. The geometries and placement of pieces on the human figure are designed to create an image that stands out, whether it be from the asymmetry of the piece or oppositely, the complete rigor of symmetry. Each piece is designed to give an outfit that extra boost of confidence and uniqueness that accessories should.

For more click here http://www.gustoandelan.com.au/collections/janika-jewelry


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Welcome Ili INC!!

Posted on August 18, 2016 by Bonnie Hill | 0 Comments

In need of some a new handbag, maybe a cosmetics case, or maybe even a killer backpack??


Welcome to our new accessory label Ili Inc from New York, who cater for all your casual leather needs.

ILI is about creating genuine leather accessories for both Men and Women. ILI is about color and texture. ILI is about fashion and function  ILI creates leather accessories at uniquely affordable price points and an equally unique stocking position. ILI enjoys a loyal following among US retailers. We offer an expert staff with a commitment to service. Founded in New York in 1988, we have developed a collection of leather accessories which includes Women’s handbags and cosmetic cases and offers small leather goods, backpacks, travel accessories, key fobs, briefcases and gloves for both the Men’s and Women’s markets. ILI has recently launched a new category of electronic and technology cases, featuring ipad and iphone cases in a wide variety of colors and leathers.


For more of your leather-good needs, check out the whole range here


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"It’s not about where we’re going – it’s about how we get there.

There’s always a side door to success – it doesn’t come without taking a chance, being a little bit rebellious and standing out from the crowd."

Dart Apparel is a Melbourne based street wear label specialising in unique neoprene fabric. Neoprene offers wearers a structured fit, with clean lines and a comfortable, breathable fabric. They first discovered neoprene when travelling through Europe two years ago. When they returned home they couldn’t find it anywhere so decided to bring the stand-out textile back to Australia.

Dart's range has been created following the careful exploration of international trends and selection of quality materials.Their promise is to always utilise cutting-edge textures and fabrics to bring you unique luxurious apparel. Just what you’ll need on your journey to the top – whatever that looks like.

Our new arrival from right here in Victoria is the new craze in street wear!!

For the whole range click here 


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