About Gusto & Elan

At Gusto & Élan you will discover the new generation of world class labels.
We are THE style hub for the fashion conscious and the gateway into the heart of the independent fashion industry.
Our story is one of passion, creativity and desire to support start-ups, small businesses and up-and-coming designers.
Since 2011, we are leading the independent fashion movement, showcasing Australian and international designers that buck the trend of mass-produced, disposable clothing.
All of our pieces are unique garments brought to you directly from the designers themselves.
Our online store is open 24/7 and you are already here, enjoy!
What's in a name?!
The words Gusto and Elan are synonyms to the word 'style' 
Gusto - [guhs-toh], noun - a keen appreciation, individual taste, zest, spirit
Élan - [ey-lahn, āˈlän;], noun - combination of distinctive, stylish elegance and vigor